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About Witty Elliott

Witty Elliott is a talented enigmatic musical artist. His talent is far-reaching and encompasses his many unique abilities.

Although new to the industry, the response was phenomenal when Witty Elliott perform in small. A television production company was filming locally in London. The producer asked Witty Elliott if they could use his music in the their film. Although Witty Elliott brand new to the business, there was a buzz about his music already stirring.

Witty Elliott comes from a musical background-his  family members with healthy numbers are musically inclined.  But Witty Elliott is different: he has dyslexia. dyslexia  made learning a bit more complicated, but uncovered gift that made his music shine.

Witty Elliott is Self-taught. He started with the keyboard and the ability to play by ear, and his  vivid imagination and gift of mastery took over. Today he is a composer, producer, and songwriter, but most important, an artist who can create a song that touches everyone viscerally.

Born and raised in London, he helped those in need a privilege which is one of his best pride by volunteering work in a charity shop raise money for homeless and volunteering helping those with mental health issues. His Hobbies include photography, art, playing pool, discussing world events, laughing and joking and spending time with his family and friends. Witty Elliott musical inspiration includes Timbaland, N Dubs Bruno mars and many more R&B and urban artists.

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